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Dynamic and Universal Recording Artist, Elisa Gomez Taylor received the Jazz Living Legend Award from JazzZone JazzAbration at the Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Theater on May 20th and Los Angeles Black Music People's Choice Award on October 1, 2023. 

Elisa joined The Platters Experience for a wonderful sold-out show in Laguna, CA, harmonizing beloved favorites. Singing with legends; Kevin Carroll, Bryan Evans and Alphonso Boyd is a dream.

Elisa compose “Galaxika Roots” for the Miss Black California USA Pageant, September 2023 for the opening dance competition. IT WAS A BIG HIT! Now Elisa is the Co-Director with Diane Allen, Miss Jamaican Pageant winner, for the 1st Los Angeles Caribbean Pageant, Spring 2024.

Elisa is from Dayton, Ohio and she started singing R&B in her brother's band as a teenager, touring regionally in schools, festivals and performing on riverboats. Growing up listening to various genres of music, Elisa embraced and developed a versatile repertoire very early. She continues to perform at festivals, corporate conventions and private events. She has serenaded audiences in Latin America and Europe in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

For the past year, Elisa has been the lead singer for Flamenco Souls Latiniti Band SHOWCASING her originals, jazz, R&B, Latin and Brazilian classics.  She entertained for the IACET company in Clearwater Florida, COFEM, Community Build Inc., and is called to sing with other bands and tribute bands; Santana Tribute, Nina Simone, Antonio Carlos Jobim etc.

Elisa composed AND PRODUCED "Maui Dream" cd, and co-written and co-produced two more albums "Lava Man" and "It's About Time", and R&B singles “Sea of Love Remix" and “Chill Room Havana”. Her songs are played on the radio and streaming stations in US and UK. Elisa's composition "Samba Ecstasy" was licensed for a movie short, Coffee Chronicles.

 Elisa lived and performed in Maui Hawaii for six years, with a four-year residency at the Five Star Grand Wailea Hotel Resort & Spa. Each year she sang at the Taste of South Wailea, the Maui Aids, Arthritis, Cancer, and Epilepsy Foundations.

After moving to Los Angeles, Elisa formed the E-Star Band to showcase her originals at The Beverly Hills Hotel Concert Series, the House of Blues in West Hollywood, La Ve Lee, Monsoons Cafe, Lunaria's, San Gennaro's, and many local spots, and traveled Paris, Dominican Republic and Mexico for special performances.  



"She’s a bona-fide star who came to the community to inspire. I enjoyed her professionalism at the Dunbar. That’s how you can tell the greats, no matter who the audience, what distractions or how many in the audience, a professional performs like its Carnegie Hall with an audience of 30,000 that has every single eye on them - Elisa did that".  The Pulse of Entertainment, Eunice Moseley

“Elisa has sophisticated lyrics and flowing melodies makes Lava Man a fantastic album. It is a superb blend of Latin-Jazz with elements of R&B and Classic Pop”. Sydney Alston, Disc Makers, Los Angeles, CA

“Elisa lives through sound. Her path encompasses a musical backbone that fans can enjoy and other artists either celebrate or covet”. The Sentinel News, Los Angeles, CA

“From Dayton, Elisa has gone on to sing internationally and has dazzled audiences in Paris, Hawaii and Los Angeles. She has become a favorite with combination of Pop Jazz and Latin music along with Spicy Salsa”. The View Downtown, Jim Nichols, OH





The Platters Experience: Kevin Carroll, Bryan Evans & Alphonso Boyd, Paul McDonald, John Hart, Mahesh Balasooriya, Dayren Santamaria, Victor Orlando, Hubert Laws, Oscar Hernandez, Sandro Albert, Stephan Oberhoff, Richie Gajete Garcia, Myka Miller, David Holguin of Flamenco Souls, Alec Lehrman, Honore, Chillie Willie Groove, Fermin Sifontes, Eric G, Robert Kyle, Jose Black, Jimmy Branley, David Michaels Sanders, Nick Mancini, Bobby Benton, Chris Black, Rolando Morales, Chris Wabish, Curtis Sanford, Chris Bowman and more.


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It was a sweet surprise to get a call from Bryan Evans to audition for the Platters Experience. The group consist of Kevin Carroll as lead singer, Bryan Evans and Alphonso Boyd. All with stardom backgrounds of hit making, world performances and accolades. The concert was set for January 27th at the Laguna Art's Theater, a sold out. I was tasked to learn the top harmony for about 20 songs, in a short time. If anything, I looked the part, in all glitter and sang a few classics well - Fever and Are You Ready. Fortunately, I was familiar with many of the tunes, such as My Girl, Only You, and Why do Fools Fall in Love. Indeed, I'm tightening up my harmonies, and connecting the group to my list of booking agents for more concerts. This is exciting and the gents are super nice and professional. Nothing like learning the business, tips and more from the greats. Truly blessed. Great tips I can pass on.

Studio Recording with Covid-19 lurking  


In the second wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I struggle to get into studios with caution as to not catch or potentially get anyone sick without knowing. So, I am taking a week off to chill and build a new website, pump up my three fun playlists on Spotify and practice my songs before recording sessions. I am recording with three producers who sought me out and co-writing with a few. I like this momentum. Keeping my head above water, praying for healthy breathing and bodies for everyone. And, incredible Smash Hit Records.